Mike’s Stance on the Issues

Every session a variety of topics come before the legislature.  While I will always listen and consider discussions on every issue, my core beliefs on major topics are:

Abortion:  I believe God is the Creator of life.  The life of an unborn child should be protected and defended.  I will vote to protect an unborn child’s life from the moment of conception.

Education:  I support every effort to increase the quality of the education our children receive, this includes analyzing funding, teachers, administration, technology, school buildings, and curriculuum.  Education reform is not about just one component, instead it is all of these things and more.  To focus on one at the expense of the others is ineffective.  I believe that every high-school graduate in Missouri should have the skills in math, reading, writing, science, history, and civics to enter the Armed Forces, enter the workforce, attend a trade school, or pursue additional education.

Guns:  I am pro-gun and a member of the NRA.  Firearm ownership is a foundational freedom guaranteed by the U.S. and Missouri Constitutions.  Hunting and shooting sports are part of Missouri’s fabric, and I will defend against any and all encroachments on these liberties.

Role of Government:  Government is best when it is small and narrowly focused.  The private sector is better equipped and better able than the public sector to provide most goods and services.  Government’s role should be to establish a framework in which small business and the private sector can flourish, thereby allowing government to focus on the few things it is uniquely equipped to do, such as education, transportation infrastructure and public safety.

Taxes, Spending, and Jobs:  One of the greatest rewards of running a business is to look someone in the eye and say, “You got the job.”  Missourians value work and personal responsibility.  All of us want to earn our paychecks, provide for our families and contribute to our communities.  Too often government stands in the way of job creation with higher taxes and increased regulation.  I support keeping taxes low to allow individuals and businesses to keep and spend more of their own money.  When the tax burden is low, small businesses save money and can utilize those resources to hire employees, provide benefits, expand their businesses and create jobs.

Energy:  Missouri should not treat our state’s natural resources as if they were hazardous materials.  Instead, we need to use the abundant resources we have in a responsible manner to both protect the environment and provide affordable rates to Central Missourians.   A sensible approach to energy includes hydro-electric, nuclear, wind, coal and natural gas.

I support the present and future use of coal even as we explore ways to make it cleaner.  Coal generates much of the electricity in Missouri, and will continue to do so well into the future.  Arbitrary and unnecessary laws which handicap our ability to compete economically make us our own worst enemy.  Cap-and-trade laws will dramatically increase energy costs to all Missourians and have little to no impact on air quality across the globe.  Major polluters such as India and China will continue to burn coal, keeping their prices low and causing more American jobs to be lost.

Nuclear power must continue to be a part of any discussion about the future of energy and has been a great asset to the 6th Senate District.  I will continue to fight to protect the existing Callaway Nuclear Power Plant and look forward to advocating for additional nuclear capacity, particularly small modular reactor technology.

Marriage and Family:  I believe that God ordained marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  Attempts to define it otherwise are wrong.  Missourians have very clearly spoken on this issue, and I support marriage as defined by the Missouri Constitution.  As a city, as a state, and as a nation, the dissolution of families can have long-lasting consequences on our livelihood and productivity.

Transportation:  Missouri has more than 32,000 miles of highway and 10,400 bridges that the state is responsible for maintaining.  The Missouri Department of Transportation has done a great job of improving and maintaining these roads and bridges and they must have the resources to continue to do so.  Safe and reliable transportation is necessary for  commerce and quality of life.  Improvements to Missouri’s transportation infrastructure also has the decidely positive benefit of creating tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs, and injecting billions of dollars into the economy.

Taxes:  Missourians know how to spend their money better than the government does.  Taxes are an impediment to business expansion and personal satisfaction.  I believe that taxes should be kept as low as possible, and those taxes that are collected should be wisely used to sustain the core functions of government.

Agriculture:  As a farmer, I understand that agriculture is the backbone of central Missouri and is critical to the continued success of the 6th Senate District.  The value, work ethic and ingenuity of our farm families are part of the fabric of our nation.  Unreasonable and hostile regulations from the state and federal government could weaken Missouri’s agricultural industry and I will work to ensure that I will do everything in my power to protect one of Missouri’s top revenue generating industries.